Wild Game Processing

2023 – Not all Von Hanson’s Meats locations will be accepting whole carcass deer or whole carcass wild game animals.

All stores will accept hide off quarters and boneless wild game trim with proper license and tag at any time during regular business hours.

For Deer Processing, call your local Von Hanson’s Meats store, or look below for pricing, drop off times, dates, and locations.  Processing/fees may vary by location.  Processing fees must be paid in full at the time of drop off.

With CWD restrictions, we are unable to accept whole carcass out of state cervid wild game.  (If it has hooves and horns, it is considered cervid.)

  • Hunter’s License Registration & Confirmation number required.
  • Meat should be clean (no hair, dirt, leaves, etc.) and transported in clear food grade bags or containers
  • We reserve the right to refuse any meat that does not smell fresh or is not handled properly
  • Turnaround times could be much longer due to uncertain circumstances
  • Elk, Bear, Moose & Quartered Processing – $1.50 per lb.  Price includes deboning, cutting & wrapping.  Does not include grinding trim
  • All venison sausage has beef or pork added unless otherwise specified by customer.
  • Upon request, hides are returned to customer with an additional $15.00 charge.
  • Caping Deer is an additional $75.00 charge; Caping Bear is an additional $100.00. (Prefer Customer to take to Taxidermist)
  • Charge to remove antlers – $5.00
  • Charge to remove head – $10.00
  • Handling of spoiled carcass – $50.00
  • Processing whole frozen deer carcass is an additional $25.00 charge
  • Any amount of bag trim $25.00 non-refundable charge
  • Prices include: Skinning, de-boning, cutting & wrapping.  Does NOT include grinding trim. (Additional $2.50 per lb. for grinding trim.)
  • Headless deer – $10.00

Prices subject to change without notice.                                                                                                            Updated 9/2023


Drop Off Times, Dates, Locations