One of my favorite things to put on a board is your Smoked Salmon and sliced Filet Mignon – Tammy T.

We picked up some boneless porketta chops from you that were easy and delicious. – Gay W.

Just had your turkey meatloaf…very good – Carolyn S.

Your Brussels sprouts are incredible – John U.

We had you cater our 40th Anniversary on September 16th, and it was awesome.  Great food and service.  Thanks again! – Renee R

When you walk in they make you feel as if you are the only one in the store when helping you.  We have enjoyed their products for years, and they’re a great company that we choose to support most of all.  There are a lot of chain stores out there, but Von Hanson’s has them beat with their exceptional quality 🙂  – Kimberly B

Stopped by today for your Tender Bites.  So good!” – Catherine A

Quality is the best.  Try their Canoes, steak stuffed with cheese and mushrooms. – Kristy L

Always great service and great meat!
– North Oaks, MN

Dear Von Hanson’s,
I have a “cute” story to share with you: I am a Northwest Airlines flight attendant. The other day while I was working First Class from San Diego to MSP, one of the customers asked me my plans in MSP that evening. “Well” I told him, “my husband will be waiting for me on our deck with 2 big Von Hanson’s steaks ready to grill – that’s what we do every week end”. So, the customer in seat 1C said, “What’s the name of that place?” “And where are they located?” So I told him, and I look up, and the customer in 2B gives me the “thumbs up” signal. I said, “Where do you live?” He said, “Savage, and you can’t get any better than Von Hanson’s”. Well, next thing you knew, the entire first class was like that Johnsonville Brat commercial? Only it was “Von Hanson’s Meats, Great Grilling”! It was pretty funny. Sincerely, I was happy to share with them a wonderful place to purchase meat!
– Eagan, MN

Best place for BBQ items and meat of all kinds!
– Monticello, MN

Employees are always professional, helpful, and friendly!
– Savage, MN

My husband and I were in your Apple Valley shop. I cannot tell you how impressed we were with your staff. They were friendly and very helpful. They even carried my bag around the counter to me. In this day of “box” stores you don’t get service any longer. The experience has just stayed with me all week and I decided that you need to know how your staff, just doing their job, made an impression. We were also very happy with the quality of your meat.
– Moose Lake, MN

The Savage store is one of the best meat markets I have ever been to!!! Customer service is fantastic!!
– Burnsville, MN

Extremely clean meat case. Came by at 5:30- everything was noticeably clean and neat! I love Von Hanson’s and have told others at work about you!!
– Chaska, MN

Always a great selection and always fresh. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
– Shakopee, MN

You get what you pay for! They never complain when I ask the staff to cut up the dog bones!! Awesome service.
– Elk River, MN